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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

quote/ Love's Everlasting Courage

Feb. 3 Quote: I found this quote while reading the Globe and Mail life section.  There was an essay by James Drummond and he mentions it.
“Read beyond what you want to write.  So if you want to write romance…read science fiction, read classics.  If you aspire to be a literary writer… to be the next John Updike, read Harlequins.” –Yann Martel, Life of Pi author

Romantic comedies: I was at City Centre mall, and I was sitting in the food court reading the newspaper.  I was biding my time before I had to work at Call Centre #6.  I looked up and see the last 20 min. of the movie Chasing Liberty.  It stars Mandy Moore as the daughter of the President, and it's hard for her to date people because of who she is.

I did like the ending.  Most romantic comedies are the same.  I remember watching this Saturday Night Live sketch with Meghan Fox talking to a mom.

Mom: I like those movies where a guy and girl fall in love.  Then the guy does something bad, but not so bad that he can't redeem himself afterwards.
Fox: Yeah, that's called a romantic comedy.

I did like the ending to Chasing Liberty because it reminded me of the other romantic comedy called The Prince and Me.  If you guys don't want to be spoiled by both movies, skip to the next paragraph.

In both movies, the couples toward the end have to end things.  A few months have then passed, and they spend time apart.  They then get back together.  I like the reunited feeling.

The Duff: I was reading Seventeen magazine while I was at City Centre.  I read an article about the author Kody Keplinger.  She wrote the book The Duff: Designated Ugly Fat Friend.  She got published at 19 yrs old.  Now she's 21 yrs old and she's making a living off writing. 

She got the inspiration when she heard of that name.  Then the story came to her.

Conflict: I was reading some old notes from the Writer in Residence at the Edmonton Public Library, Marty Chan.  It was in 2011 when he read The Vertex Fighter.  He then read Parts 3 and 4 (30-50 pages) and his notes mentioned that my script tended to shy away from conflict.

A character says something in this scene, but they don't go and extend it to a bigger conflict.  I thought I did, but I was looking at the big picture.  I set up a conflict in one scene at the beginning of the script where the lead character hides something from a character close to him.  In the middle of the movie, the character finds out and there's a big blow out. 

There's another character that hides something from the bad guys, and when the bad guys find out, there's a huge conflict at the end of the movie.

Love's Everlasting Courage: In Oct. 2012, I saw the TV movie Love Begins.  I only watched it because Wes Brown was in it.  I didn't really like it because it was boring without much conflict.  Here's the review:

One week later, I went on Youtube, and saw the sequel.  The only reason again was Wes Brown.  This time, the TV movie improved a bit because there was more conflict and things happening in it.  This story is set in the 18th century.  I guess I will use the quote from above as a way to use this TV movie so I could learn about writing.

Clark (Wes Brown) rides a carriage with two horses.  It stops because the wheel is broke.  A snake appears and scares the horses, so they run.  Clark chases after it, and stops the horses.  They go back home. 

Clark and Ellen are now married with a 6 yr old daughter named Missy.  The Banker comes and says: "You have to pay back loans to the bank.  You missed more than one payment, we'll seize your land."  Good, some conflict is set up.

Ellen becomes a seamstress even though Clark disagrees because men should be working.  His parents are coming to help out.  The grandparents disapprove that Ellen is working.  Ellen thinks of setting up two widowers Sarah and Ben together.

There's a drought and it affects farming and their livelihood.  Clark and his dad Lloyd go and find some land to start digging for water.

Ellen coughs to foreshadow she's sick.  They have dinner with Ben and Sarah to get them to know each other.  Ellen later collapses.  The doctor is away so Sarah is a mid-wife and checks on Ellen.  She diagnoses her as having scarlet fever.  Clark tells daughter Missy that her mom is sick.  It could be contagious so has to stay away from mom.

There was a good scene where Missy takes a picture of her mom and sleeps with it.

Another good scene shows that Wes Brown is a really good actor.  He is crying with his wife.  He comes out with tears in his eyes that shows that Ellen has died.  This should be used for his acting reel.  There is no words as he looks at the grandparents and Missy.  You know she just died.

The grandparents decide to stay longer.  The Banker shows up again to ask for money.  Clark is about to punch Banker in the face when he asks for money, when his wife just died.  Reminder of money conflict.

The grandparents don't have money.  They think of taking care of Missy while Clark stays.

Clark is frustrated that he can't get water.

Throw in Missy cooking chicken, and a fire starts.  There's smoke and excitement.  They put out fire with a wet blanket and hits the fire with it.  The house is still standing and they sleep in the barn.

The subplot of Ben and Sarah are that they're dating.

The conflict of the house being burnt is solved pretty fast.  Ben says: "I'll give you some leftover wood from building my barn.  A whole crew of people volunteer to help.  The house is rebuilt.

Grandpa: Instead of looking at the burden of your home, think of it as a blessing.
He continues to give a pep talk to Clark about faith, God, and family to support you.

Clark pumps water and water comes.  He's all happy.

Throw in some conflict again when Missy eavesdrop on the adults talking.  Clark says it's easy to live with you and I hit water.  Missy runs away thinking she's going to be sent to live with grandparents, when if she stuck around Clark was going to have them stay with him.

The Banker shows up and the Grandparents say: "I put up my land as collateral so you can have an extension.

They can't find Missy and they start looking for her. Ben joins them.  It will be dark soon, so add some tension here.  Missy is lost and Clark finds the doll she was holding.  He finds her.

Ben then proposes to Sarah after what happened with Missy: "Life is short.  Will you marry me?"  She says yes.

It starts raining so you know the crops are going to grow.

I felt this TV movie was kind of forgettable.  There's just stuff happens, no antagonist- maybe the Banker.  The characters were likable, but bland.


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