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summer 2017 TV shows

Jul. 13, 2017 Summer 2017 TV shows:


An MIT grad student and a tech superstar bring a low-level Pentagon official a staggering discovery--that an asteroid is just six months away from colliding with Earth.


1. The first scene was good with them showing real news footage that an asteroid missed Earth in 2013.  I read the news daily, but I don't remember reading this.

2. The idea is interesting.

3. Jennifer Finnigan is in it.  She was a lawyer on the TV show Close to home (2005-2007).

4. Good ethnic diversity.

5. Good car chase scene where a car chases a guy on a bike.

6. Cool holographics and good visuals.

7. Good grad speech: "The future isn't handed to us.  We create it.  As individuals we are powerful.   How we use that power is up to us."

I'm going to put that into my inspirational quotes.


1. I don't really care about the characters.

Maybe John Doyle's Globe and Mail TV column has an influence on me.  He made fun of it.  He says it's shot in Toronto.

My opinion: I feel like I will record all the episodes and maybe watch it in a week.  Then I might like it and care about the characters.

Jul. 26, 2017 Somewhere Between:

A mother tries to change the fate of her 8 year old daughter, as she knows where, when and how she's murdered, but doesn't know who kills her and why.


1. The actors are good like Paula Patton who plays the mom Laura who tries to prevent her daughter's death.

JR Bourne is good as a husband and lawyer.

Devon Sawa (from Final Destination) is good as private investigator Nico.

Imogen Tear is a good as Nico's niece.

Aria Birch is good as Laura's daughter Serena.

They are likeable characters.

I also saw Giles Panton (from Flash Gordon) and Facebook friend on as a TV reporter.

2. Good setup of a killer running in town.

3. I like how all the characters are interconnected and related to each other.

4. Lots of good surprises.  

Spoiler alert: It looks like Nico is a bad guy and going to kidnap Serena.  But then he is dancing with her.

The popstar Jesse that Serena loves has passed away.

The killer calls the TV news and kidnaps Serena.

Cons: None.

My opinion: This is an average show.  I'm going to record all the episodes and I may watch it every week or at least all in one week.

Midnight, Texas: 

Midnight is a safe haven for those who are different, but with the presence of outsiders, the residents band together and form a strong and unlikely family.

Midnight, Texas is an American supernatural drama television series broadcast on NBC as a summer entry to the 2016–17 network television schedule. The series was commissioned on May 13, 2016.[1] Midnight, Texas is based on the book series of the same name by author Charlaine Harris who also wrote The Southern Vampire Mysteries, the novels which True Blood is based on.[2] The series premiered on July 24, 2017.[3],_Texas


1. It is kind of scary at times.  At the beginning Manfred (Francois Arnaud) is possessed.

2. There is a murder mystery when a character's body is found.

3. There are really good special effects like when Manfred tries to talk to the dead.  He talks to one spirit and all these others come.

A guy grows wings from his back.

4. Good surprises. 

Spoiler alert: A talking cat.

5. The actor like Francois Arnaud (Oscar from Blindspot).

Arielle Kebbel (Lexi from The Vampire Diaries.)

6. It's kind of like True Blood with a small town and supernatural people and stories going on.

I only saw the 1st 2 eps of True Blood when I rented them.  It was average.

Cons: None.  John Doyle in the Globe and Mail criticized it.

My opinion: I will watched all the episodes.  It's average.  It was fun to watch.  I like it more than Salvation and Somewhere Between.

Aug. 4, 2017 21 Thunder: 

In the cutthroat world of pro soccer, a club lives and dies by the stars on its under-21 team. They are the future and lifeblood of any franchise, but most will never make it.


1. The Edmonton actor Kyle Mac (from Between) is in it.  That is the main reason I'm watching it for him.  He plays a gang member Special K.

2. If Mac wasn't in it, I would watch it for the storyline of Nolan (RJ Fetherstonhaugh) who is on the soccer team and is pulled back into his gang life.

3. There is some other interesting stories like the immigrant story of Junior Lolo (Emmanuel Kabongo) who moved to Montreal to play soccer.

There is Christy Cook (Stephanie Bennett) who is the only female coach and has to take care of her sick mom.

Colm Feore plays Nolan's dad who is in jail.

4. There is lots of drama, conflict and tension like Nolan having to work with the gang.  There is lots of pressure to become a professional player.

5. Spoiler alert: There is a crazy scene where the gang confronts a rival and shoots him.

6. Good ethnic diversity.

7. Good production.


1. Too many guys.  Then again, I'm sure some of you are watching it for them.

2. There is profanity in it.

My opinion: I'm going to watch all the episodes for Kyle Mac and Nolan's storyline.  There are 8 episodes.


The Good guy leaves the Bad Guys.  The Bad Guys find him and recruit back in:


 A man enslaved by the mob since childhood and raised into behaving like a human attack dog escapes his captors and attempts to start a new life.

That's a really good movie.  This was the first time I was ever impressed by Jet Li's acting.

This is from Luc Besson who does lots of action TV and movies like Nikita and The Transporter.

My old scripts:

The Vertex Fighter: In this script, the lead guy Shawn leaves his old criminal life by moving to a new city.  He then is offered a job to be an illegal cage fighter and he goes back into his old ways.

Rain: A good guy runs away from his old gang, but the old gang finds him and forces him to work for them to repay his debt.

Zoo: I am watching this show in it's 3rd season.  This is average:

A young scientist searches to find out what's causing a rash of violent animal attacks.

These are all the 5 shows I'm watching right now.

Aug. 6, 2017 Somewhere Between: Yesterday I had a day off and I watched ep 3.  I was annoyed I didn't record ep 2.  It turns out ep 2 aired the next day after the pilot.  I watched ep 3, and it was so crazy.  

Laura and Nico set a trap out for the killer and they get into a fight scene and a car accident.

It's pretty interesting.

After that I was reading the newspaper, and I remembered that E from my 2nd restaurant job said: "If you have Telus, there is TV on Demand and you can watch TV if you missed an episode."

I then was able to watch ep 2.

Emerald City: I was looking on TV on Demand and I found the last 2 eps of this show.  I watched the first 4.  Then in Jun., my dad got Telus to come over and upgrade our DVR.  Then all our recordings were deleted.  I did watch ep 9 yesterday and will watch ep 10 today.   

It was this show and Once Upon a Time season 6 that I didn't get to watch.

A modern reimagining of the stories that led to 'The Wizard of Oz'.

Time after Time: I found all 5 episodes on TV on Demand.  I'm pretty happy about that.  I recorded all the eps, but the last ep that was aired, it only recorded like the first 17 min of it.

It turns out that this show did not air the remaining episodes in the summer time on Sat. nights like I wanted it to.

My week:

Jul. 31, 2017 Gym job interview: Last week I did an interview to be a food counter attendant at a gym.  She called in the morning and then I came in the afternoon.


1. It was working with food.

2. The pay was average.


1. The shifts were at night 3pm-10pm.  I wanted to work days.

2. The food discount was only 15%.

My opinion: I wouldn't work there if I got hired.  The shifts were at night and it's not in downtown where the buses come more often.

Law of attraction: I went home and on The Simpsons ep that night, Homer works out at a gym and then climbs the mountain called the Murderhorn.

Homer sees a place called All Night Gym.
Homer: Guym?  What's a guym?
Homer enters the place.
Homer: Oh, a guym.

Think outside of the box: I usually look for administrative assistant or restaurant jobs.  I decided to look at customer service representative jobs.

Instabox: I then found this job ad for this place that sells cardboard boxes to companies.  You have to have a driver's license and a car to work as one because you're driving to see clients.

Teavana closing down: I tried some of their tea at those sample stations.

Celebrity look alikes: You know I love these:

The first was Jennifer Lopez and the look alike does look like her:

Grandma's house: I was thinking about my grandma's house on my dad's side.  It turns out my grandparent's bought it in 1978.  They never changed the d├ęcor and it was very dated.

My grandpa died in 2010.  I went to Calgary in 2011 or 2012?  I'm kind of unsure.  The house was being taken apart and things are moved.  It was renovated and then sold.

Job search: I got my work schedule and my hours got cut.  I then pushed myself and passed out 40 resumes in person at this area that I haven't really went to.  Over the months, I have sent my resumes on the internet job ads.

I have passed out 10-20 resumes a week in person.  I go to downtown and pass them.  A few days later I go to 124 st. to pass them.

I did get 1 call back from the 40 restaurants I applied to.  It was Juice Place #1.  I had worked at a location in downtown back in 2010.  It turns out the one that called me today wanted to someone to work on evenings and weekends.  The nights are like 4pm-10pm.

It was in downtown so the buses come more often.  If you look at my gym interview, the Juice Place #1 would be more of a fit for me.

Aug. 2, 2017 Headphones: I found these headphones in my house.  I needed them.  I always put these in a little old cardboard heaphones box from the other one I bought.  Then one of the ears stop working.

This is a mild complaint.  I put my headphones in the cardboard box so it's protected.  Yet, it still stops working. 

Aug. 4, 2017: However, the headphones I found in my house has been sitting here for a long time, so it was old.   

Aug. 2, 2017 Work: Yesterday I worked at my 1st restaurant job.  I was told the last 2 days were crazy busy.  On the day I was working, I hoped it wasn't so busy.  It was not busy.

Law of attraction: On Mon. I passed out a bunch of resumes and in the middle of it, I bumped into J from the 2nd restaurant job.  She was the one who quit and I replaced her for 2 weeks in May.

Then a few hrs later, my boss from the 2nd restaurant job texted me and asked if I could come to work the next day (and later for the rest of the week to cover L because she's on vacation.)

Filmmakers meetup: I went to it last night.  Only 2 other people showed up, the guy F and the woman A.  We all sat around and talked about TV for like 30min.

It was fun.  The organizer S didn't come after 30min so we left.

"A Bystander Had the Perfect Response to This Preschooler's ADHD Tantrum":

Another shopper approached Myers and began speaking calmly to Sophie. "She asks her questions to distract her, but backs me up when Sophie begins to go on about wanting the chips," wrote Myers. The woman asked Sophie how old she was and the age of her brother too, said Myers.

The shopper's sincere interest and desire to help seemed to ease Sophie's tantrum—and it also eased Myers' embarrassment and sense of isolation. "Honestly, this woman could've been the antichrist and I would've had more appreciation for her kindness and compassion than I have for anyone else I've ever encountered," Myers wrote.

What this stranger did to diffuse a tense situation is exactly the kind of help ADHD kids and their overwhelmed parents need, says Fran Walfish, a Beverly Hills–area child and family psychotherapist and author of The Self-Aware Parent. "The woman talked the child through, in an out loud manner, her experience," Walfish tells Health, adding that this validated the child's feelings and acknowledged how upset she was. "That provides a mirror for the child to feel seen."

"Thank you to the woman in Walmart today, for showing that kindness to my children and I," wrote Myers. "Thank you for walking us out. Thank you for backing me up. Mamas have to stick together."

Aug. 4, 2017 People annoying their siblings: I wrote about this before:

Jul. 21, 2017 Argyle Sweater: This is a comic I cut out on Jul. 14, 2017.  I can't copy and paste it here.  Click on the link and the date and you will see 2 bears fighting each other.  It's about sibling rivalry.

Bear: Hey, Benny, why ya mauling yourself?  Huh, Ben?  Why ya keep mauling yourself?

Caption: Ben hated being the youngest of the cubs.

I don't find it funny because it's about bullying and beating up your sibling.

I find it funny because it's about bears acting like humans.

That reminds me of an Aug. 2013 blog post I wrote.  It listed all the funny and annoying things I say to my sister.  It was mainly when I was a kid and teenager.

You guys don't know this, but this is the most read blog post of all time on my blog.  It has 9093 page views: 

"Aug. 5 Joke flops: I've been thinking about how I unintentionally offended my friend in an email.  I thought I made this light joke, and she would either laugh or be indifferent.  Instead she was offended.  From now on, I will be more careful, and stick with jokes that have been confirmed that there were some laughs by some people.  Well, I will admit that I have told jokes that have flopped.  These are dark ones, so I'm forewarning you right now, they could be offensive."

joke flops/ funny and annoying/ funny wedding video

Tracy playing with a panda bear: I have written about this before, but it wasn't on that blog post.  It was that time when I was 13 and my sister was 15:

S was reading a magazine and Tracy was playing with a panda bear.  
Tracy puts her thumb on the panda's nose like the panda is giving S an angry and dirty look.
A few moments pass as the panda continues to give S a dirty look.
S angrily snatches the panda out of Tracy's hand.
Tracy: Hey!

It's funny because it's about a panda acting like a human.

Aug. 6, 2017: If this was a comic, the caption would be: "S hated having a little sister."

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