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Monday, February 15, 2016

If not now, when? If not us, who?

If not now, when?
If not us, who?

Dear Tracy,

War, atrocities and terror have driven millions of people to make the wrenching decision to flee their homes and countries, sparking the worst refugee crisis since World War II.

As if the horrors refugees endure just to get out of Syria were not bad enough, many refugees who have successfully fled the country are being detained like criminals.

One shameful factor in this crisis is that many of the world's wealthiest countries have been woefully inadequate in their response. Syria's neighbors—Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt—host 95% of the refugees—more than 4 million people.

History will judge the leaders of the global community harshly and permanently for their choices in this urgent moment. But they are not the only ones. These leaders answer to us, and history will judge us, too.

Will you support Amnesty's work advocating for refugees? Together, we can stand up to the forces of hate, xenophobia and fear.
  • Our crisis investigators have gone into Syria to research human rights atrocities and released reports that have garnered widespread media coverage calling attention to the severity of the conflict.
  • Our researchers have been working in Greece, Hungary and Jordan documenting treatment of refugees and inspecting detention centers.
  • Our advocacy team has been lobbying governments, including those of the Gulf States, the U.K., Canada and the U.S., to agree to take in the most vulnerable refugees. We are pushing for safe routes to be opened for people seeking sanctuary.
  • Our media team is helping combat the refugee- and Muslim-bashing that has dominated national and international headlines.
Margaret HuangSincerely,
Margaret Huang
Chief of Staff
Amnesty International USA


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