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Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Poems, tweets and cool fonts- oh my!"/ "How to stay happy at a job that you hate"

Nov. 11, 2015 "Poems, tweets and cool fonts- oh my!": I cut out this article by Leah Ruehlicke (Talent Egg) in the Metro on Aug. 27, 2014.  It's on pressreader if you look it up on the internet.  I would have to type it up:

1. The social game- use social media like a Snapchat resume.

2. Get punchy- look at your resume and see which point is the most important for the position.

3. Be more than enough- take a good look at what you did last year and find a unique way to translate them into job experience.

4. Go back to basics- tailor your resume to fit the job.  If the company is quirky with a job posting like a knock-knock joke, write your skills like a haiku.

Best day to ask for a raise: I was reading the 24 News on Mar. 11, 2013.  It says the best day is Thurs. or Fri. because we want to end the week with less conflict.

The worst day is Wed. because unpleasantness seems to peak then.

"Lose the attitude!": I cut out this article by Joanne Richard in 24 News on Mar. 11, 2013. 

Lisa B. Marshall wrote a book Smart Talk and says:

"Many managers would much rather hire someone with the right attitude- one that is a good fit for the culture- and then train missing skills."

"Attitude affects your perspective and ultimately your success."

Here's the e-edition if you want to read all of it:

"If only we knew how to sell ourselves": Here's an article by Tim Ryan and I can only find the e- edition:

"Career missteps that haunt": I cut out this article by Lisa Taylor in 24 News on Nov. 5, 2012.

I only found the e-edition.

Haunting #1: You quit a job so you can get away from the job you hate, but the new job isn't really good either.

Recommendation: "You should always attempt to move to a position you are interested in, rather than flee from a job you hate."

My opinion: This reminds me of something Dr. Phil said years ago when I used to watch it like in 2006.

This also reminds me of The Secret and the law of attraction.  It's about focused positive thinking.

Dec. 6, 2015 Proctologist: I always read the comics in the Edmonton Journal and I read a Bizarro comic with this word in it.

I had to look it up:

"Colorectal surgery is a field in medicine, dealing with disorders of the rectum, anus, and colon. The field is also known as proctology, but the latter term is now used infrequently within medicine, and is most often employed to identify practices relating to the anus and rectum in particular."

Dec. 24, 2015 "Career planning 101": I cut out this article from Job Classified" on May 12, 2012.  It's written by


1. Self- assessment: What do you want in your career.  What are your interests, values, skills and abilities?

Education level, location.

2. Research: Get information like what kind of schooling?  Can you get work experience by volunteering, working part-time?

3. Decision making: Evaluate your options at this stage of your life, and the pros and cons.

4. Action planning: What do you have to do to make your decision a reality?

What might prevent you from doing so?

More info:

The Career Information Hotline: 1-800-661-3753 (free from Canada)

Free resume service:

"Job seekers need more than a resume to stand out": I cut out this article by Tim Ryan in 24 News on Feb. 13, 2012:

Seth Godin says: "He argues that (resumes) they provide an easy way for employers to reject you since it makes it so easy to point out what's missing as opposed to directing attention to what you've accomplished."

Ryan says we should create a portfolio instead.  Really show good projects you've done.

"The key is to focus on learning.  If you're not learning, you're not growing."

The tips are like writing a blog, newspaper, helping your friends with their business.

When you learn, you are pushing yourself to tackle more challenging problems.

 "Career advice from Dexter": I cut out this article from Julie Tyios from 24 News on Oct. 24, 2011.  There is an e-edition on the internet.  She got some tips from the TV show Dexter:

Do what you're good at: Go with something you're passionate about, it will make you happy and fulfilled.

Think forward and stay ahead: Dexter plans a lot of things ahead, but he is willing to adapt to new situations when they arise.

Find a work-life balance: "Prioritize and spend your time effectively and, most of all, where it really matters to you."

"Good things come from bad bosses": I cut out this article by Meghan Poole in Metro on Apr. 27, 2015:

It mentions the book First Jobs: True Tales of Bad Bosses, Quirky Coworkers, Big Breaks, and Small Paychecks by Merritt Watts.

You'll learn valuable lessons: It's teaching you how to deal with people, difficult people.

It will help you grow: You need to learn to calm yourself down, and deal with difficult situations where you are forced to deal with.

It's a trial by fire: This is the first relationship you have with someone who isn't a teacher or parent.  It's a rite of passage.

"How to stay happy at a job that you hate": I cut out this article by Emily Laurence in the Metro on Apr. 27, 2015:

She interviewed Laszlo Bock from the People Operations at Google.

Assume the best in people: Some co-worker or boss may seem rude, but they could have something going on in their lives like a dog is sick or stress.

Focus on what you do like: "job crafting" as in make a list of things you like to do at work and focus more on that.  "Even if (realistically) you aren't able to change your job, the simple act of making that list makes you more aware of the things you enjoy and that will make you happier and more productive." 

Express gratitude: Spend a few min. to express gratitude.  Acting happy when you aren't and being nice to co-workers that annoy you will make you happier.

Realize no one loves their job all the time: It's important to remember that.

How to get a job at Google: This is the second part of the article:

Spell- check: Spell- check your resume.

Be specific: Describe what you have accomplished and with quantifiable numbers like being employee of the month for highest customer satisfaction.

Play up your experience: School and grades are not looked at.  Show what you have done related to the job you are applying for.

App does a social media spring cleaning: Ethan Czahor created this app to clear offensive things on social media so you won't lose your job.

He had personal experience and lost his job as CTO of Jeb Bushes' political operations.  


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