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Sunday, October 18, 2015

"Woman uses sword as self-defense"/ Homeless Veteran/ Rob Ford

 Oct. 12 "Woman uses sword as self-defense": I found this through MSN:  

Karen Dolley, a 43-year-old Indianapolis woman who skates as “Foul Morguean” with the Naptown Roller Girls, cornered a man who’d broken into her home on Thursday night, using only her wits, bravery, and a Japanese-styled sword she owns, called a “ninjato.”
The Indianapolis Star reports that Dolley punched the intruder, Jacob Wessel, 10 times, cornering him in her bedroom:
She reached for her gun in a nearby drawer, but she accidentally opened the wrong drawer during the chaos of the moment, so her gun wasn’t there.
She reached for her backup weapon, a Japanese-styled sword called ninjato, which she keeps near her bed. Her intruder crouched in the bedroom as she held him at sword-point until police arrived, she said.
She called 911 and police arrived within two minutes, she said.

Oct. 13 Passer-by foils abduction attempt: I found this on Yahoo news: "An abduction attempt in France went wrong for the perpetrators when a passer-by got involved, appearing to rescue the victim."

2 guys were going to abduct another man.  However, an old man comes by and kind of gets in the way.  The old man didn't exactly do anything physically hard, but he was there.  2 guys then drove off.  The victim then ran away.

Teen Bails Out of Moving Car to Escape Abductor:

Oct. 14 She’s Taking a Picture of This Homeless Veteran for a Reason:

I found this on Facebook:
Sarasota, Florida decided to place a piano on one of its streets and allow its residents to play. But I don’t know if they knew that this is what could come of it.

51-year-old Donald Gould (better known to the community as “Boone”), stepped to the piano, sat down and began to play Styx’s famous, “Come Sail Away”. So what, right? Who cares? What’s so special about that?

Donald Gould is a homeless veteran. He has lived a life that many of us have trouble imagining. And now, everyone not only knows how talented he is; they know his name.

My opinion: He played so beautifully.  He was very talented.  Some people put some money on his baseball cap on that piano.

Oct. 15 British woman quits ISIS: Here's some good news:

A British woman who fled Islamic State with her five children after travelling to Syria to be with her husband has told of her experience of life under the group’s rule, describing the “gangster mentality” among supporters as “not my cup of tea”.

Shukee Begum, who fled Isis and says that she was then held by smugglers in northern Syria, said that she wanted to return to the UK but feared what the reception would be from British authorities. She is currently believed to be living in Syria.

Begum said: “You have got hundreds of families living in one hall and sharing perhaps one or two bathrooms between them. You have got children crying, children who are sick.”
“There was a gangster kind of mentality among single women there. Violence was talked about, war, killing. They would sit together, huddle around their laptops, watch Isis videos. It just wasn’t my cup of tea.”

Oct. 16 Steve Assanti: I found this in the Edmonton Journal on Oct. 14, 2015:

A Rhode Island man who weighs almost 800 pounds was kicked out of a hospital after ordering a pizza and is now being forced to live out of his father’s SUV.

Rob Ford: I was reading the Edmonton Journal on Oct. 15, 2015 and they put an excerpt of a book by: Excerpted from The Only Average Guy: Inside the Uncommon World of Rob Ford by John Filion. Copyright © 2015 John Filion. Published by Random House Canada, a division of Penguin Random House Canada Limited. Reproduced by arrangement with the Publisher. All rights reserved.

When I read it, I felt like the workers for Rob Ford were enabling him by buying alcohol for him.  I know there are a lot of people supporting him.  Here it is:

“I had never been in such a toxic work environment.”

Being part of the Ford “family business” also meant unusual tasks: Buying alcohol for the mayor became an assigned duty after Ford’s visits to liquor stores started showing up on Twitter. Other “assigned duties” included taking calls from him in the middle of the night. “I would get a lot of calls at 3:30 or 4 o’clock in the morning,” Beyer said. “Very nonsensical calls.”
Out among the common folk, Rob could be friendly, engaging and generous. Office staff received very different treatment. There was no leniency for an honest mistake or a misunderstanding. Insubordination, real or imagined, was punished.

Sheila Paxton said the mayor flew into a rage once when he called her cellphone and a male voice delivered her voice mail message. A friend had set it up for her. Ford ordered Paxton suspended for a week without pay. She ignored the penalty.  He suspended another staff member for taking too long getting his car repaired.

In Rob’s office this was true even at Christmas. Rob’s only personal gift was cash: $50, “enough to buy you a Christmas dinner,” he would say. “There was no feeling behind it. He didn’t look you in the eye,” said one former staff member. “There was no, ‘I’m very grateful for all you’ve done for me all year.’”

F--- Harper: Last night, I was riding in a car and I saw this car with a big pink piece of paper and it said F--- HARPER.  Except, it spelled out the swear.

My brother was like that paper could obscure his back view of his window.

I thought police may pull him over for obscenity, and tell him to put asterisks. 

The driver is a white guy in his 40s or 50s.


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