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Monday, October 12, 2015

Find charity/ Vietnam vet seeking missed connection on Craigslist…40-plus years later

Oct. 5 Find charity: I was looking for a job and I found this charity:

"Find is a donor - driven social enterprise that offers quality, low cost, gently used furniture for sale to the public. Furniture is also provided to participants in Edmonton's Housing First Program. Proceeds from retail sales support programs for people transitioning out of homeless, and into permanent housing." 

Oct. 6 Uncles and Aunts at Large: I read about this charity in the Edmonton Journal.  I went to the website:  

"Established in 1967, Uncles & Aunts at Large was among the earliest agencies in the Edmonton area to organize mentor services for children. Through Uncles & Aunts at Large, volunteers offer companionship, mentoring and friendly support to children ages 6 to 18 from single-parent families."

Men are painting their nails:

"You might think it’s odd if one of your male work colleagues rocks up to the office with one of his nails painted blue, or if your housemate suddenly asks to borrow so of your polish, but it’s all for good cause.

It’s a symbolic gesture, to help support and raise awareness of a global movement hoping to stop violence against children."

Nick Carter on DWTS: He's from the Backstreet Boys and he's dancing on Dancing with the Stars.  They showed this interview with him and it showed his real, true self.  He talked about being from a dysfunctional family and there was a lot of fighting, and how he wished he had a movie mom and dad.  He even said: "I don't even know why I'm crying."

They showed the other guys talking about him.

AJ: Most of his friends who he grew up with are either dead or in jail.  He got into performing to not go that route.

He danced to "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" with a hip-hop routine.  I like that kind of dancing.  AJ and Joey Fatone (from Nsync) were in the audience. 

Vietnam vet seeking missed connection on Craigslist…40-plus years later:

Can you imagine being impacted by someone so beautiful and amazing to you that 43 years after meeting them for a coffee, you decide to seek them out on Craigslist? That’s exactly what one former Vietnam veteran did recently, posting an incredibly romantic, hopeful and at the same time heartbreaking message in the Missed Connections section of the website.

The posting describes a man at odds with his own existence, submerged in the guilt of knowing he dropped bombs several times on the country’s capital city Hanoi often wondering how many lives his actions had taken while also feeling conflicted about being honoured as a hero for taking those very same actions.

At one point things had gotten so dark for the man that he planned to take his own life using a Smith & Wesson Model 15 as he describes in the posting. Instead he decides to go for a walk and meets the most incredible woman in a teal ball gown with freckled shoulders that he had ever seen. On her way to a New Year’s Eve celebration, she agrees to sit down with the man for a coffee and informs him of her marriage to a man she doesn’t love. After an hour of chatting with her and opening up about his own guilt, the man leaves for the restroom only to return and realize the woman had left without leaving a note or a phone number.
“When I joined you under the balcony, you looked at me with your big green eyes, and I could tell that you'd been crying. I asked if you were okay. You said you'd been better. I asked if you'd like to have a cup of coffee. You said only if I would join you. Before I could smile, you snatched my hand and led me on a dash through Downtown Crossing and into Neisner's.”
Isn’t it incredible how a person can leave such an amazing impact on a fellow human being during a time of need? Even after going off and getting married, giving birth to a son, seeing them both sadly pass away and living out most of his adult years, this veteran’s heartfelt message gives hope to humanity. That sometimes just taking a few minutes to hear someone out can save their life and that real love stories still do exist.
Here’s hoping this story finds its way to the woman in the teal ball gown. Perhaps they’ll reconnect, catch up over coffee, fill each other in on the events of the last 43 years and maybe even spark what could possibly be the most unexpected, amazing, real-life love story of all time.

Yahoo comments:

Cruiser: Several characters in North York, a brother and sister of North Vietnamese decent, a female mental health care nurse decided that a lovely South Vietnamese lady of 46 yrs old ( Mai ) could not go out with a white man that she loved dearly.

 Pre-planning was done, and she was knocked down 1 minute from her work on December 18/12, suffering a fractured skull requiring 2 surgeries to stop the bleeding.

 Constantly harassed in the hospital in her recovery by the x sister in law and her friends, telling the injured woman that she was Crazy, out of her mind, and if she did not sign papers and co-operate, she'd be put in a mental institution and her children taken away.

 The mental health care nurse assaulted and seriously injured this woman for their insurance scam.

 These 2 assailants then isolated her in her home, they hired 3 North Vietnamese women to terrorize, confine, drugged this woman till she gave in and lost everything to the x family.
In 60 days, from Mai being the happiest in her life to the head injury, then unable to defend herself or seek outside help, she was Forced to live in the home of a man she did not like, want to be with, all arranged by a Professional nurse who wanted Mai's 2 daughters, power, control, money.

 All communication was lost between Mai and myself 2.5 years ago, and recently this woman wants to get a hold of Mai. give me a phone call if you read this. Alan 647-521-0543

Sharp: sometimes when we are in need of help there are spirits that arrive and help us...some people call it angels / gardien angels etc. everyone has their own name for it... a lot of times we do not realize that they are with us or when they aid us but they do exist and are with every one of us.. we ourselves have an angel spirit inside us when we help others who are in need of a helping hand.. I am very happy for you that you met your angel when you needed her. she appeared in distress and by you sitting and talking with her it took you away from the negative thoughts you had and got you out of that frame of mind you were in.
if she did not appear to be in distress them maybe you would have passed her by and continued with your negative thoughts and did something drastic. thank you for not passing her by. she will reappear in your life when it is meant to be so enjoy your journey in life and hopefully you will meet her again.

My opinion: That's a good story.  It was inspirational.

Oct. 10 Man with special needs comforted by stranger:

A sweet photo taken in Hamilton, Ontario, has now gone viral capturing one man’s act of kindness towards a complete stranger in need. 

A post from Only in Hamilton Facebook page shows Godfrey Cuotto, a 21-year-old student from McMaster University, holding hands with a special needs passenger, named Robert, on a local bus earlier this week.

Cuotto told radio station Kiss 92.5 he was heading home from a burrito place downtown with his friends when he entered a packed bus.

Robert, who was sitting near the front of the bus, instantly grabbed Cuotto’s hand and wouldn’t let go. At first, the 21-year-old thought he was being pranked but soon realized that Robert was overwhelmed by the crowded bus. Cuotto ended up staying with Robert until the very last stop.
Throughout the 30-minute bus ride, the man leaned on Cuotto, hugged him and even kissed his hands, according to the Huffington Post.

“I just allowed it, like, what I am going to do?” Cuotto told the Hufffington Post. “Sometimes you just have to be selfless and put someone else’s needs above yours.”

Robert’s family contacted Cuotto through Facebook and revealed that Robert suffers from cerebral palsy and is also deaf. They thanked Cuotto for comforting their uncle during the bus ride, reports the Huffington Post.

But behind Cuotto’s act of kindness is a great mother. 
He told Kiss 92.5 he was “raised by a queen.”   


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