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Monday, August 17, 2015

my birthday/ cell phones for soldiers

Aug. 12 My birthday: Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 30.

Work: I didn't do my job search, or even read the business section of the newspaper today.  I slept for 8 hrs, and had to work at my second restaurant job for 4 hrs.  I didn't want to take a day off from work because in May and June my hours were cut and I needed to make money.

I still had 12 hrs to be a hedonist.  I'm sure some of you guys are laughing at this part.

Feng shui: I woke up early as usual and read my Red Lotus feng shui e-newsletters.  I've been subscribing to it for the past couple of years.  I get one emailed to me once a week.  I had them for the past couple of months and haven't been reading it, so now I have.  I read 6 of them in the morning and that lasted an hr.

Fun news: I did read the entertainment section of the newspaper today.

Job: I went to work for 4 hrs.

Humans: I went home and watched an episode of this show I recorded.

Fear the Walking Dead: I then saw this 6 min behind the scenes feature I recorded.

I have gotten into The Walking Dead last year.  I saw the whole season 5.  Last Heritage Day long weekend, I saw the whole first season.  It was only 6 episodes in the first season.

I saw some episodes of season 2, 3, and 4 when AMC runs their marathons.

Feng shui: Then I read 6 more Red Lotus emails.  The writer Katie Weber is also sending emails promoting her feng shui course this fall.

I also read the 6 other articles that were linked into the Chinese New Year email in the Feb. 18, 2015.

I read from 4pm-6pm.

Pretty Little Liars: I then saw the summer season finale of this show.  It was very good.  It got all the audience's questions answered over the years.  They did flashbacks and we learned how A came to be and why.

Birthday wishes: The first was my brother in the morning.

I went on Google and the logo was made of birthday cakes. 

Facebook wished me a happy bday.  I got some bday wishes from: Byron, Marcie, Jessica, Cham, Judith, and Suen on Facebook.

I got one from Sonia in an email.

Birthday cake: As usual for me, I had to get an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for my bday.  My dad picked up KFC and chose the cake.  He chose Garfield smiling widely with his arms out.

My sister was the one who started the tradition of getting an ice cream cake for bdays, but then as my siblings and I got older, I am the only one who keeps getting ice cream cakes.

They tend to go out with their friends.

Charity news:

Earth Water: I found this water bottle in the recycle bin and it's for charity:

Earth Water is the first product ever to be sold under the Earth banner. Founded in 2005, Earth Water was originally run from a university apartment, and delivered via various volunteers vehicles. Today, Earth Water works with multi national distributors to bring our product to grocery and food service markets across North America and Western Europe.

Earth Water is sourced from springs and glacial sources globally. All sources are remotely located and detached from any development or sources of potential contaminants. We work with numerous bottling facilities worldwide, for two reasons. By bottling local to our markets, we’re able to maintain low shipping costs, which allows us to invest more into our business, and ultimately give back more to the World Food Programme. The second reason for this strategy is that it means we’re not shipping water all across the world from one central location. In doing so, we’re able to minimize our carbon footprint.

Currently Earth Water is bottled in 100% recycled PET, corn based biodegradable bottles, glass, and paper based Tetra Pak containers. We’re constantly endeavouring to find more environmentally friendly ways to bottle our product, in order to lessen our impact on the planet.

In Dec. 2014, I noticed Metro publishes a lot of charity articles.

-Uber donates clothes for the Salvation Army.
-People knitting scarves and toques and leaving it all around Whyte Ave.
-Santa's wishlist for gr. 1s in military school.

Cell phones for soldiers: I was going through my old newspapers and see the singer Fergie has teamed up with this charity in 24 News on Dec. 17, 2012.  I looked it up:

"The Cell Phones For Soldiers program was started in the U.S. in April 2004 by 13-year-old Brittany Bergquist and her 12-year-old brother Robbie of Norwell, Massachusetts. Robbie and Brittany now help support Canadian troops as well by providing much needed supplies such as clothing, laptops, video cameras so our troops can send messages home to their loved ones and other basic necessities. Through generous donations and the recycling of used cell phones, Robbie and Brittany have already helped thousands soldiers around the globe."

Paris Hilton visits orphanage: This was also in 24 News on Dec. 17, 2012:

Since that visit, Hilton has made a vow to visit orphanages in every country she goes to and always spoils the children with toys and gifts. Recalling that life altering day in India, she added, "I brought them all (children in orphanages) toys and art projects and they were saying, 'This is so sweet, no one ever visits them and people are scared to hang out with them.' That just made me so hurt inside that these poor children, who are literally dying, are being treated like outcasts.

"That is just something that really stuck with me and I always think about." When asked what her plan is for the future, Hilton admitted she wants to use her fame to help orphans all over the globe. "I know that I have a voice to help those who don't (have a voice), and I'm really going to dedicate my life a lot to that in the upcoming years ... I have worked very hard and I have a really big heart," she said. 

Aug. 13 JLaw visits sick kids: Jennifer Lawrence visits a Montreal hospital.  I saw the news video where she told the hospital that she was coming, minutes before arrival.  She took pictures and gave autographs.  Aww...

Aug. 17 Teenage hero saves woman from kidnapping: I found this video on Yahoo. 

"17-year-old Malyk Bonne went to extraordinary lengths to aid the escape of a woman who had been abducted by her ex-boyfriend earlier this month in Montreal."

Malyk was at a bus station and he saw a man pushing this woman.  Then they ask for money from Malyk, so he goes to get cash.  When there was a moment alone, the woman said she needed help.  Malyk gave them cash and went on the bus with them to keep an eye on them in public.

He offered to buy them food at Tim Horton's and pretended to go to the washroom.  He called the cops instead.  The cops came and the woman was relieved.  Malyk described like she was almost crying.


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