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Monday, June 26, 2017

job search complaints/ "co-op works on ensuring access to 'basic need'"

Mar. 27, 2017 Job search complaints: I have to write about it to deal with it.  I wrote about this before:

"Paramedic problems"/ "From needing a transplant to campaigning for others"

TV production company internship: I'm going to write about this again.  It was in 2003 and I was upgrading in Centre High.  I wanted an internship at CBC in downtown and the woman in HR said only NAIT TV and Radio students can be interns there.

I was a little disappointed.  However, that is a good tip to tell me that to get this internship, I know how to qualify for it.

I had mentioned that even if I was an honors student in high school or a good cover letter that shows my passion and enthusiasm, I wouldn't get hired.  Even if I volunteered at CKUA radio for like 2 hrs a week for a year, I wouldn't get hired at CBC.

The only way to get in is through being in NAIT's TV and Radio program. 

I'm complaining because I really wanted to work at CBC and I thought I was a really good fit for it.   

Internships on TV: I was thinking about the kids/ teen TV shows The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo and In a Heartbeat where high school students/ teenagers can work at a police station and be volunteers at paramedics.

I don't have anything bad to say about the show.  It was a light, fun, funny, and entertaining show to watch.  It could inspire kids and teens to go into law enforcement or medicine.

I am saying it is not very realistic.  The In a Heartbeat, there are 4 teens working together.  I feel like in real life, there would be 1 or 2 trained paramedics, with 1 teen with them. 

How would this teen get to be a volunteer there?  Maybe if he or she was accepted into the NAIT's paramedic program and will start in the fall.  On, it says the show was inspired by real high school students volunteering as paramedics. 

The shows are unrealistic, but I'm not angry at the shows.  It's not like they really gave me unrealistic expectations on how to get an internship or job.

I guess I'm angry because I couldn't hired at CBC as intern in 2003 when I was 18.  I am not mad that they didn't hire me when I passed my resume to be an administrative assistant in 2008 when I was 22. 

Mar. 29, 2017 Passion does not equal success: This was on this blog post:

"Tracking down our root of our self-tracking obsession"

Passion does not equal success: I'm sure you guys know this.  Some people have passion and can succeed, and some don't.  I wrote a little about J, this guy at the bus stop before.

Mechanic: He was a mechanic for 8 yrs.  As a kid since he was 8 yrs old, he helped fixed his dad's old beat up cars.  J went to Canadian Tire and he got a car manual for $6 and learned how to fix cars.

He told me in Jan. and Feb., it's not busy at the mechanic shop.  He works full-time.  He only gets paid when there is a car that needs to be fixed.  If there is no car, he doesn't get paid for the 1 hr sitting there.  He has to be there all day.

He followed his talent and interest, and worked at it for years.  He made money.

Personal trainer: He became a personal trainer by attending NAIT.  He became one because he was interested in health and fitness. 

This was in 2005.  He worked as one for like $7/hr which was min. wage.  He also worked at warehouse and at American Eagle at Kingsway.  American Eagle didn't pay commission.  He was a personal trainer for a year.

He followed his interest in health and fitness by being a personal trainer, and he worked for a year.  He made money.

My opinion: Some of you may see it as a little sad that he followed his dream and goal, and it didn't work out very well.  Or some of you may see it as: "At least he followed his dream and goal, and made some money out of it."

Also, these careers are conventional.  It's not like he went into the entertainment or arts industry and tried to become a actor.  After like 10 yrs of auditioning, and he only made some money with a few commercials.  The entertainment industry doesn't have job security.

My Mar. 29, 2017 opinion: I find that you are successful, if you made money from your skill.

I would say he is not successful, if he became a certified personal trainer, and never got hired as one or worked at a gym.

Job security: I want to add to this topic:

Restaurants: There are a lot of restaurants that close down within the first 2 yrs after they open, because it's so hard.

Retail: There are a lot of big retail stores closing down.  Do you remember in the last few years, a lot of big clothing stores close down?  Or at least closed in Canada.  

Call Centres: There are a lot of call centres in Edmonton that closed down.  It was mainly in 2006-2009 that closed down.

My opinion: I'm writing about this because it's like there is no job security.  So what about it?  Like don't work at all?  Because if you get a job, there is a chance that the company will close down.  Of course not.   You work.

Apr. 5, 2017 Have a blog, and no career: I recently posted this on my blog.  Here's an excerpt: 

"Monday to Friday without a frown"/ "Mommy, daddy, welcome to my desk"

Creativity: Blog your career

“I think having a blog is a great way of showing employers what you can do before you even get to the interview stage,” said Rachel Davies, a new graphic design grad from Nottingham Trent University in the U.K. “I definitely think my blog helped me get my internship.”

Indeed, “you have to be willing to show who you are,” advises Shara Senderoff, founder of InternSushi. Having a blog focused on your industry (trends, news, debates, case studies) communicates volumes to a recruiter about your professional ambitions, creative thinking and skills.

Plus, “it shows them you’re more likely to understand their company’s values,” advises Lynn Finn, an HR pro from the University of Northampton.

In an era of social screening, recruiters will always Google you, and having a great blog can work to “stack the deck in your favour,” advises Liz Lynch, author of Smart Networking. “If you’re competing with someone who has equal skills and experience,” Lynch says, “a blog can be the tie-breaker.”

My opinion: That article came out in 2014.  I've had my blog since 2008 when I graduated out of Professional Writing in college.  The goal:

1. I wanted to be discovered as a writer like Diablo Cody (Juno screenwriter who was discovered on her blog.)

2. It was a storage of memory, information and knowledge for myself and friends.  I can write about something like "I wrote about this a year ago.  Here's the link to it.  I want to add something to that."

Well I have done lots of job interviews where they asked for links to my blog and I provide it them.

Also since Sept. 2014- Dec. 2014, I put book reviews I cut out from the newspaper.  That should attract some writers and TV producers here.

Jan. 2015 to present, I have been putting up job articles I cut out from the newspaper. 

"Tracy's writing career/ Getting the right people's attention on the internet": I did get the Edmonton boxer Kris Andrews on here:

Apr. 9, 2017 Job articles: As you can see I have been cutting out job articles from the newspapers the Edmonton Journal, Globe and Mail, and from older times like the National Post, Metro, and 24 News.

There have been times when I posted articles people have sent me through this blog and that was mainly in 2012.  I put up as many of these articles since Jan. 2015.  I reread every article I cut out before I post these on my blog.

I don't really care if you guys diss the articles and say:

"They're not helpful. 

They're boring. 

I'm not learning anything. 

I skim and scan it really fast or skip it altogether."

That's fine.  I didn't write it, I just liked it and thought it was good.

My complaint is: I read the business section of the Edmonton Journal and Globe and Mail 6 days a week since May 2015 and I don't have an office job.  

Anyone can have access to the internet and read job articles from and learn tips on how to get a job.  I guess it's like the playing field for getting a job is even.

Then again, it's not like there is only one playing field.  One field is full of computers and engineering, and I'm not playing or applying for those jobs.

Apr. 17, 2017 Maury: It's like when I'm angry about something, it can relate back to Maury though I stopped watching that show back in 2006.  I watched that show from 2003-2006, and it still kind of has an effect on my life. 

I'm frustrated with my job search.  It's hard to get a server job with tips.  I'm thinking about Maury episodes of out-of-control teenage girls who wear tight and revealing clothes and say things like "When I grow up, I want to be a stripper."

It's because they have low expectations of themselves that being a stripper is the only job they can get.  They probably don't think they can get a server job.

Then they go to a women's prison and inmates yell at them.  

Or that black guy motivational speaker goes and talks to them.  I had to look him up and his name is D West.  I like him.

Conclusion: I don't watch Maury and Dr. Phil because they bring me down emotionally and mentally.  Kind of like watching the news.  I rather read the news.  If it's depressing, I can skim, scan it or skip it altogether.

Jun. 1, 2017 Blind Date: I'm going to compare something I saw from this TV show to my job search.  It was in the days when I used to watch the show from like 2001-2005.  I  was a teen and in my early 20s.  By 2005, I had stopped watching that show because I stopped watching Maury.

There was a scene at the end of the date where a guy gives a woman his contact info.  An arrow points at the paper and says: "Waste of paper."

I feel like that with passing my resumes sometimes.  If the place isn't hiring, the worker does tell me that, but they will have my resume on file.  It's one of those things: "You don't know until you try."

I passed my resume to a place one time, and months later I got an interview.  The boss said to me that she had my resume on file for a long time.

Job interviews and dating: I have read some articles that compare looking for a job and looking for a partner as pretty similar.  You don't know until you meet each other and learn about each other if you are a match.

My week:

Jun. 19, 2017 Ice Panda: Today I found this place while I was looking for a job.  It seems they're hiring for K-Days.

"Co-op works on ensuring access to 'basic needs'": Today I found this article by Jonny Wakefield in the Edmonton Journal.  It's about donating money and food to charity.  Here's an excerpt:

Two years ago, Iris Manzano started a job as a support worker in Edmonton helping African and Spanish-speaking immigrants adjust to life in Canada.

Many of those families faced a host of challenges — raising kids, and finding work, health care, and social supports in a new country. But Manzano started to notice one problem looming over the others — the families didn’t have food.  

“It’s one issue after another, and the main issue is poor nutrition,” said Manzano, who works for Multicultural Health Brokers (MCHB), an Edmonton co-op. “That’s the main thing, the main need of these families. It’s basic needs, the bottom of the line.” 

Manzano’s experiences helped inform a new food program targeted at the city’s most precarious newcomers — particularly expecting mothers — who regularly skip meals or go days without eating. 

Grocery Run, a partnership between MCHB and the University of Alberta that launched around a year ago, takes food that would otherwise go to waste or into day-old bins and puts it in the hands of hungry newcomers.

Much of the food goes to families from Edmonton’s northeast Africa community, many of them former refugees, who experience some of the city’s highest levels of food insecurity.  

The Multicultural Health Brokers was launched in the early 1990s to identify populations that were socially isolated and not being well-served by the health-care system. One early success was connecting Chinese immigrants to free prenatal programs.
Recently, the big issue has been tackling food insecurity. 

On Thursday morning, a dozen women in the basement of the Old McCauley School, 9538 107 Ave., fill clear plastic bags with vegetables, bread and other staples from a table packed with cardboard boxes of donated food. The night before, volunteers collected the food from bakeries and grocery stores around Edmonton.

Maira Quintanilha, a PhD student at the University of Alberta who helped organize the program, initially hoped to work with co-op clients on nutrition during and after pregnancy. 

But instead of helping expecting mothers choose the best foods to eat while pregnant, she found women who needed food, period.

Jun. 20, 2017 Big chain restaurant job interview: I passed out 10 resumes in person.  Later that day I got a call to come in for an interview.


1. It was in downtown and easy to get to.

2. The pay was min. wage and you get tips every 3 months.

3. The discount on the food is 20%.  That's average.


1. It seems it can get very busy and it can be stressful.  I have worked in restaurants in like that.

2. It seems they want someone to work on the weekends too.  I work at my 1st restaurant job at that time.  It seems at night it's 5pm-10pm.  After cleaning, it's 10:30pm to leave.  The busses come that late.

My opinion: If I get hired, I would work there.

Jun. 21, 2017 Office job phone interview: I did one over the phone.  The office has opened in Edmonton yet.  It was a screening interview. It only lasted about a few min.

Jun. 22, 2017 Donair restaurant job interview:


1. It was in downtown and easy to get to.

2. The pay was min. wage and the tips are daily like $3 or $4.

3. A free meal every time you work there.  Good bonus, I like that.

4. The shifts are Mon.- Fri.  11am- 4pm (or 5pm).

5. I can do the job of working the till and cleaning.


1. The only con I can really think of is that if I can get this job, is that I have to give up my weekday at my 1st restaurant job.

My opinion: I would work there if I get hired.  I would rather work there than the big chain restaurant.

Jun. 23, 2017 Warehouse interview: The above interviews I wrote this morning before I was to go to this interview.


1. The pay was average.  It was a bit more than min. wage.

2. I think I can do the job.

3. It was full-time and permanent.  If I don't get this job, there is temporary summer job there.


1. It was kind of far with 2 buses and I then had to walk 9 min.

2. The place was cluttered.  The boxes were labelled, but I think it could be neater.

My opinion: If I get hired, I would work there.

West Ed mall: Yesterday I went to West Ed mall and was shopping for 2hr and 30 min.  I had this urge to go shopping.  The last time I was at West Ed mall the whole day was on Aug. 1, 2016.  I acted like it was my birthday because I couldn't get my actual birthday Aug.11 off from work.

I then typed up the Aug. 1, 2016 shopping trip into my email as a way to relive my shopping trip.  However, I decided to go shopping.  I didn't spend any money.

The following stores has closed down:

Baskin Robbins
Bryan's- the women's clothing store has been replaced by men's clothing store Stockhomme

There are a lot of stores closing down, so I should go shopping while there are still stores open.

Canonizing: (in the Roman Catholic Church) officially declare (a dead person) to be a saint.


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