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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

NAIT research

Feb. 28, 2017 NAIT research:

Today I was thinking about what if someone was to say: "I want to work in medicine, but without seeing blood."  I would say: "X-ray technician."

I can't get into University of Alberta because my grades are not good enough.  I also don't want to spend 4 yrs to get a degree.  I can research NAIT programs that are easier to get into.  You can go in for 1 or 2 yr programs.

I'm looking into health and sciences, but it seems like I don't have the aptitude or interest.

By reading all this, I did learn a lot.


This program teaches students to prepare and analyze cytology samples and to screen microscope slides to evaluate cell specimens for evidence of disease, especially cancer.

ACPA1220 - Health and Fitness

Course Overview

The student will promote personal health and well-being through a variety of activities and educational seminars. There is an emphasis on developing personal fitness to enhance occupational health. Safe lifting and moving techniques will be practiced.

ACPA1100 - Health and Wellness

Course Overview

The students will promote personal health and well-being through a variety of activities and educational seminars. All students will undergo a personal fitness assessment at the beginning of the course as a means of determining areas for improvement.

ACPA1230 - Special Environments

Course Overview

Paramedics collaborate with other agencies on a daily basis in order to provide patient-centered care. Students will engage in various activities to enhance their skills of collaboration and team work when working with fire fighters, police, community agencies, and other health care professionals. Specialized aspects of paramedicine in a community and air ambulance environment will also be studied.

ACPA1210 - Pharmacology

Course Overview

Students will become familiar with the general concepts of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Drugs used to manage a variety of conditions affecting all body systems will be studied. Special emphasis will be placed on medications commonly found in prehospital care. Students will also develop skills in drug calculation and drug administration.

Personal Fitness Trainer

Recognized by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) this program provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, movement mechanics and injury prevention, principles and methods of physical training and safe exercise, health promotion and lifestyle counselling, and communication and leadership; business management and marketing practices.

    Non-Academic Requirements

    • CPR (Basic Life Support - BLS) - Students must provide evidence of current BLS certification prior to commencing clinical training. BLS certification must remain current throughout clinical training therefore it is recommended that certification be obtained just prior to clinical training. The BLS certification course that meets this requirement must be designed for individuals who will be health care providers. The NAIT Continuing Education Course that meets this requirement is CPRS100.

    VTMA1290 - Clinical Experience

    Course Overview

    The clinical experience is designed to provide an opportunity for students to gain practical experience in technical, administrative, client relations and other aspects of veterinary medical assisting. This clinical experience is completed at a local veterinary clinic or approved related facility to allow students to interact with the clients and the veterinary team using professional communication and critical thinking skills.

    BMTC2431 - Technical Project

    Course Overview

    BMTC2431 is a team based project course intended to give students experience managing, designing, building, testing and presenting a complex technical system. Students working in teams will apply knowledge gained from many previous BET courses such as circuit fabrication, analog and digital circuits analysis, microcontrollers, programming, data communications and technical report writing to complete assigned project requirements. Teamwork and management skills are also emphasized in this course. Each team must research and select a project, write a proposal, procure parts and submit status reports. A final project presentation and technical report are also required.

    Magnetic Resonance

    Focusing on anatomy, patient care, communication and safety in the MRI environment, students learn to function effectively in diverse settings from busy trauma centres to outpatient clinics.

    Preceptor Training Courses


    Remember the trainer and mentor who assisted you in becoming proficient and comfortable, ready for your first experience on the job? That person likely had a major impact on your confidence and added to your excitement while you prepared to enter the field. Now it’s your chance to do the same for an eager student. Your role as a preceptor is vital to student growth and ensuring that your field is provided with well-trained new graduates.
    Ready yourself to aide students by completing specific preceptor courses designed to equip you to teach, examine technique, supervise and mentor.

    My opinion: That's interesting: a class how to be a mentor.

    ACPA1130 - Assessment & History Taking

    Course Overview

    Students will build on existing patient assessment and history-taking skills learned in previous prehospital training courses. Students will conduct comprehensive physical examinations and patient histories. Concepts of medical and trauma patient assessment skills are applied throughout the course.

    AHTC1150 - Hematology

    Course Overview

    Students will maintain laboratory equipment and integrate safety procedures in a laboratory setting, as well as perform manual and automated diagnostic testing of blood cells to achieve results for a complete blood count. Students will be able to identify and discuss the production and morphology of blood cells in all life stages.

    My opinion: Not really interested in this.

    AHTC2490 - Clinical Experience

    Course Overview

    Animal Health training will be continued at a veterinary site performing various procedures in accordance with the clinical outcomes. This clinical provides the students with an orientation to the profession and opportunity to apply concepts, procedures, and patient care while directly supervised by a veterinarian or animal health technologist. Additionally, students acquire experience in professional behaviour and critical thinking skills.

    ORGB1103 - Organizational Behaviour

    Course Overview

    This course provides the student with an introduction to the cultures of organizations, and the influence of the individual on the organization and its work. Emphasis is placed on managing individual differences, with the goal of increased productivity and job satisfaction. Organizational problems are studied and solved through a variety of activities.


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