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Monday, January 23, 2017

"Ex-NFLer tackles life lessons in new book"

Feb. 15, 2016 "Ex-NFLer tackles life lessons in new book": I cut out this article on Emily Laurence in Metro on Feb. 26, 2014.

It's about Former Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Matt Birk writing a book called All-Pro Wisdom: The 7 Choices that lead to Greatness.  I'm not into football, but it was inspirational to read the article.

Matt Birk: "Three different dads told me that every week, they grab a burger with their son and talk about a chapter. I'm a parent.  I have six kids and I know how hard parenting is.  Each day you feel like you're falling short.  To be able to provide parents with a useful tool has been very fulfilling."

Here's the book's website:

“You may not be an All-Pro football player, but you can choose to live an All-Pro life.”
— Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

Greatness is for every person. It is achieved every day by everyday people. It is a combination of the right stuff, the right motivation, and the right direction.

In “All-Pro Wisdom: The 7 Choices That Lead to Greatness,” NFL All-Pro center Matt Birk and Rich Chapman take you on a very personal journey that will ask you the key questions, help you focus on the fundamentals, and equip you to reach your peak performance in the larger game of life.

Based on his fifteen years of experience as an offensive lineman with the Minnesota Vikings and the 2013 NFL Champion Baltimore Ravens, Birk shares the highs and lows of what it means to succeed at the highest level. He includes stories, advice and inspiration from interviews with some of the NFL’s best players and coaches, as well as guidance from his own mentors.

Birk teams up with management expert and organizational leader Rich Chapman to give you instruction on how to gain confidence, live with passion, develop stability, bring focus to your life, overcome self-limitations, and become your very best.

Perhaps you are looking to take your game to a new level, give your life a lift, or even create a fresh start. The 7 Choices will bring your spirit alive and create that spark of encouragement you may need to set your own life on a trajectory for greatness.

What is Happening

Released on February 5, 2014, the message of All-Pro Wisdom is being received enthusiastically by a wide audience.

A high school golf coach in Baltimore is taking his entire team through the book on their spring trip and having them each write a report on their learnings.

The CEO of a $10 Billion company wrote that the book challenged him and brought his life into greater focus.

A high school girls basketball coach in Minnesota is guiding his team through The 7 Choices.

The YMCA of Southwest Florida is embracing the themes of The 7 Choices.

Two Fortune 500 companies have placed bulk orders and are having us speak to their sales forces about The 7 Choices.

Mothers are buying this book for their teenage / twenty-something sons with the hopes of it igniting a fire inside of them.

Fathers are reading the book with their sons, using it as a way to start conversations about extremely important life topics.

The Minnesota Football Coaches Association has asked us to speak and advance our book as a resource.

Middle age dads and moms are writing letters to us, unsolicited, about the positive impact it is having for them.

We believe this is happening because every person yearns to live with more confidence, passion, stability, focus, strength, guidance, and growth. That’s what greatness is, and we are showing them how to achieve it.

Feb. 22, 2016 Healthcare stores: If I work at a healthcare store, that is a deep and meaningful job.  There is a store called Heathcare Solutions that sell medical equipment mainly for seniors like canes.

Or how about Vitality Health store?

Feb. 24, 2016 "Why one man quit his dream job to launch a marijuana business": I read this article by Alan Gertner in the Globe and Mail today.  He worked at Google for years, but then found the job to be unfulfilling.  I can't copy and paste the article onto my blog because it's on pressreader.

Gertner talked to a Ghanian tour guide: "You either work on something you love, or work because it supports the people you love."

"I created a data- driven process to uncover what I loved.  My web-based project was called TimeOn (a word play on "time off") and it involved documenting everything about my daily routines, interactions and experiences.  Scoring metrics such as Happiness (1-10) and Meaning (1-10) on a spreadsheet, I sought to understand my life better set out on my future path."

He then loved 3 things coffee, clothing, and cannabis.  He created Tokyo Smoke a store that sells coffee at a coffee bar, clothes, and cannabis lighters and papers.

"Today I'm not distracted with the career ladder but instead stimulated by the power of beginning a meaningful journey doing something I genuinely love."

I'm going to put this in my inspirational quotes.

Mar. 1, 2016 Teen magazines: I'm rereading my old Seventeen, YM, Cosmogirl, and Ellegirl magazines before I either recycle or put them in a box to donate to Value Village.

By rereading them, there are a lot of articles about charities, volunteering, and helping people.  That's good.

English as Second Language teacher: I was watching last night's Castle episode called "And Justice for All" where Castle goes undercover at an English as a Second Language class to find a murderer.  I was reading a Globe and Mail Life essay about being an ESL teacher. 

How essay writer/ she was really helping the students in a deep and meaningful way by teaching them English.  Also how it's fun and funny with miscommunication. 

Teaching how to speak English is a very useful and practical skill that the students will use.

Mar. 7, 2016 Amnesty International: I sometimes go into these modes where I have all these Amnesty International e- newsletters sent to me and then I post all of them onto my blog and Facebook status updates.

I'm trying to brainstorm something to help all these people.  I sign my petitions. 

Humanitarian work: I have read a Globe and Mail life essay about someone going into third world countries and how dangerous it is, but she was really helping people like watching children in orphanages.

I don't want to go to third world countries because it's dangerous and very hard work.

I can go to a Soup kitchen and cut up vegetables and serve that to homeless people. That's not dangerous and it's really helping people.

Or I will still gather my old magazines to donate.  Also encourage my family, friends, blog readers to donate.

Mar. 8, 2016 International Woman's Day: Today is International Woman's Day and I have been reading in the Globe and Mail about how women should get equal pay to men for the same work. 

The Simpsons: There was a new episode of this show and it delves into careers.

"Lisa becomes a veterinarian after performing CPR on a raccoon, and learns a harsh lesson when the neglected class hamster, Nibbles, dies. Meanwhile, Marge makes a little extra money cleaning up crime scenes."

Cleaning up crime scenes- after watching this part, I kind of appreciated my job at the restaurant more.  I have to sweep, mop, and clean spills like drinks and food.

If you were a custodian at a school, you may have to clean kid's vomit.  Working at a hospital, you have to clean people's fluids.

As for a crime scene, it's terrible.  If you are interested in forensics sciences, then I guess you can start here.  I remember even watching CSI: NY and the Canadian actress Sarah Carter was in a few episodes where she was a crime scene cleaner, trying to get hired in forensics.

Forensics: I was reading the newspaper and there was article about working in forensics.  I called one of my friends who studied genetics if she wanted to go into it.  She was not interested in forensics.

Veternarian: Being a vet is hard.  I like to be able to ask the patient what's wrong, but animals can't talk.  Lisa likes animals and is good in school like science, so this job seems to be a good fit for her.

Jan. 4, 2016 B.C. teen makes Forbes' 30 Under 30 list for incredible inventions:

Each year, Forbes recognizes some of the best up-and-coming young talent around the world on their annual 30 Under 30 list. Previously featured under-30s include Drake, Lady Gaga, Mark Zuckerberg and Maria Sharapova.

Now, University of British Columbia student Ann Makosinski will be joining their ranks.

The 19-year-old B.C. native has made the list in the Energy category for two of her most ingenious inventions: a flashlight that is operated by the heat of the human body, and a phone charger that converts the heat in a hot beverage to power for your phone.

My opinion: That's creative.

“It’s been a little goal of mine for a while, so it was great to finally get there,” Makosinski told CTV News, referring to making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

This isn’t Makosinski’s first taste of the limelight, either. Previously she’s been featured on Time’s 30 Under 30 list, won the 2013 Google Science Fair for her age category, conducted five TEDx talks and has appeared on Jimmy Fallon to show off her inventions — twice.

“It was super awesome that the whole crew and Jimmy all remembered me the second time I went,” Makosinski told UBC Stories in an interview. “We took a selfie after the show, and of course my entire experience in New York was amazing!”

Jan. 12, 2017 Personal trainer: I have a friend who is also an entrepreneur who is a personal trainer and has her own gym in her basement.

I met a guy named Matt at the bus stop and he works at the World Health Club.

I thought that could be a deep and meaningful job to get people be healthy and fit, but I'm not that interested in being one to go to college to study it.

Jan. 16, 2017 Teaching English in Canada: You can teach English in Canada like in an earlier blog post:

The same goes for the Castle episode.

You don't have to teach English overseas like Global Tesol:

My week:

Jan. 16, 2017 Work: It was Sun. so I went to work first in the morning.  I asked E and Je if they get really tired after working Sun. morning and afternoon.  They say yes.  I am tired if I have to work the afternoon too on Sun. because it's so busy.  When I get home, I just watch a movie I recorded.


1. You make a lot of money in hrs and tips.
2. You get free dessert.


1. You are really tired afterwards.

Christmas party: Last night I went to a Christmas party at my work.  There was a draw and I didn't win anything.  One of the prizes was tickets to see the Oilers play.

It was hosted by Twilite Music.  It was a light and fun party.  The food was really good as usual:

Salmon, chicken curry, roast beef, turkey, mashed potatoes, salads, and desserts.

Jan. 18, 2016 Job interview: I did a job interview last week.  I said the boss was nice and friendly.


1. It was close by.
2. The pays was good.
3. It seems like I can do the job.



I will give them points that they did email me saying I didn't get the job.  I wanted to work there.

Realtor job interview: Today I did a job interview where I was to be an assistant.  The interview was like 30 min. long.


1. He was successful.


I don't think I was a good fit for the job.  I'm not putting obstacles in front of myself.  Here are my reasons:

1. Some traveling may be required, and it seems like you need a license and a car.  It's an asset.  I don't have a license. 

2. He says a portion of his client was in the Chinese community.  He seems like he wants someone who knows how to speak Chinese well.  I don't speak it well.

3. He wants someone who is not only the admin side, but the marketing side too.  You will get a bonus if you get clients for him.  I don't think I can do that.  I don't have connections and it seems hard to build them.

4. It seems like he wants a protégé.  He wants to mentor someone in this industry.

5. I don't have that strong of an interest in real estate. It seems like he wants someone who is really interested in it and wants to make a lot of money.

It's fine to work at a job that you're not that interested in, just so you can make money.  I have worked at the Office Job in 2013.  I wasn't really interested in it, but I can do the job and I did.

I'm thinking that my sister S can probably do the job, but she's not really interested in real estate.

Maybe he will find a Chinese person who has a license, car, can speak Chinese well, interested in marketing, real estate, and wants to make a lot of money.

I feel like he would fire me because I have no enthusiasm for this job.

Pooch and Pony: I was looking for a job and I found this pet grooming place.

Ruff Spot: I found this company too.  These are fun and cute names.

Plumber: Today I talked to one of my new co-workers and he says he's a plumber.  It's installing toilets, tubs, sinks, and all these pipes.  Running water is important.  That is an important job and people need it.

It's not a really deep and meaningful job, but it is very helpful.

However, he did say it was labor intensive.

Le chateau: I also talked to one of my other new co-workers and she told me she worked there.  You get a base wage, and then you also get like 10% commission on top of it.  However, you have to be able to sell all sorts of items like dresses, shoes, accessories, to get the commission.

Jan. 19, 2017 Wild Birds Unlimited: Today I was looking in the Edmonton Journal classifieds and it says this bird store is hiring.  This was kind of niche store because it was all about birds.  I get pet stores that sell all kinds of pet products and dog day care, but not a whole store about birds.

The Simpsons: The realtor job interview reminds me of the episode where Marge becomes a real estate agent.  She meets with Lionel Hutz who is a lawyer and also a realtor in this episode.

Lionel: It's about finding homes for people.
Marge: Finding homes for people.

That seems like a deep and meaningful job.  Building homes for people is also deep and meaningful.

Auto mechanic: Now I'm thinking about this job where you fix cars.  This is a helpful job because lots of people have cars.  They need to get to work or other places.

The Simpsons at the dinner table: This was a couple of weeks ago.  I was eating dinner with my family and we had bacon.  I then quoted from the episode where Homer was frying bacon to put the grease in cans and sell it.

Homer: I'm trying to achieve financial independence.
Marge: Through cans of grease?
Homer: No, through saving and wise investments.  Of course, through grease!

Later, my grandma had missed dinner because she was on the phone.  She comes to the table and only P and Tracy are eating.  We are all talking in Chinese.

Grandma: Did S eat?
P and Tracy (unison): Yeah, everybody ate.
Grandma: Did mom eat?
P: Yeah, everybody ate.
Grandma: Did dad eat?
P: Yeah, everybody ate.
Tracy: "It ate everyone!"

Does anyone remember the episode where Homer becomes a truck driver and Bart comes along?  They go to a drive-in movie theatre and watched a movie called The Monster that Ate Everyone.

Cut to Homer and Bart watching it.

Female movie character: What about Patrick?
Homer and Bart (angrily and in unison with the male movie character): It ate everyone.
Female movie character: What about Amanda?
Homer and Bart (angrily and in unison with the male movie character): It ate everyone.

Jan. 20, 2017 Sick day: Yesterday I was feeling kind of "eh."  I went out and stayed late on Sun. for the Christmas party and then went out again on Tues. for this fun event.  I could have gone out on Wed. for a Filmmakers Meetup, but decided to stay in.

Today I decided to stay at home and miss work at my 2nd restaurant job.

Con: I missed out on making money today.

Pro: I needed to rest and get Advil so I can work on the weekend at my 1st restaurant job.  I get base wage and tips at the 1st restaurant job.

If I went to work today:

Pro: I made money.

Con: I may have pushed myself and made myself more sick and tired and not be able to work as well on the weekends.

Jan. 23, 2017:

On Sat. I woke up and I wasn't feeling good, but I went to work anyway because I already missed a day of work yesterday.  If it gets worse, I can leave work after 3 hrs.  However, I was fine at work.  What I didn't know was that there was a meeting at work.  It was mentioned in an email 2 weeks ago and I forgot about it. 

A couple of other workers there forgot there was a meeting too.  We ate pizza and I got a lot of leftovers and brought it home to share it with my family.  None of my co-workers wanted it.

On Sun. I was still sick, but I went to work.  I was pretty tired and watched the movie Faster.  It had Oliver Jackson- Cohen in it (I wrote that he was in Emerald City):

"An ex-con gets on a series of apparently unrelated killings. He gets tracked by a veteran cop with secrets of his own and an egocentric hit man."


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