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Monday, July 25, 2016

Filmmakers meetup/ The Sherlock Holmes Exhibit/ Containment TV show

Jul. 8, 2016 Filmmakers meetup: I went to this earlier this week.  We did a table read, as in we read part of a script (that one of us wrote) together.

Jul. 9, 2016 The Sherlock Holmes Exhibit: I wanted to go to it when I first heard about it being at the Telus World of Science.  I entered a sweepstakes in the Edmonton Journal the first time it came out.  I bought a pack of 10 stamps at London Drugs so I can send my entry for the contest.  I didn't win.  Then a second contest came along, and I entered it again.  This time I won 2 tickets to see the exhibit.

I first asked S at work because she had a birthday in Jul. and I asked what she wanted to do for it, and told her about this.  She was busy.  I asked if a couple of other friends and my brother and either busy or not interested.  I went with my friend Cham.

I went to work in the morning and got home in the afternoon.  I read the business section of the newspaper for an hr before I took 2 buses to get to my friend's job so she can drive us there.

There was a gift shop at the Sherlock Holmes part.  There was stuffed dogs, Sherlock TV show stuff, and t-shirt.

There were lots of 18th century pictures and news articles on display.  There were some videos playing.  Some maps, Scotland Yard.  Lots of darkness, and only good lighting on the displays.  There were good sets and displays.   It feels like we were on a set of a TV show.  There were living rooms and book shelves.

There were costumers from the TV show Elementary.  The quote from the show stood out to me was: "Work is the best antidote to sorrow."

"Every good story evolves from character."- Robert Doherty, creator of the TV show Elementary.

I'm going to put the above in my inspirational quotes.

There were lots of props from the TV show and movies (with Robert Downey Jr.)

There was Detective Comics: Sherlock and Batman were on the cover.  Woodstock from Peanuts was wearing a Sherlock outfit.

There were videos like ballistics. 

Then we went to different parts of the centre like the human body section:  Robothespian is talking and moving arms robot.

The Science Garage: There were big magnets to make a design.  A little rock climbing part.  It's kind of loud in there because there were mainly kids and families.

Syncrude Environment Gallery: There was a picture of the Earth in this sphere.  It was projected on it.  The worker Joel explained it to me and showed clouds moving. 

Tracy: Can you show tornadoes?
Joel: Tornadoes are too small to see.  I can show you hurricanes.

That was kind of interesting.

There was a big aquarium with a big flat blue fish.  There was even the clown fish like the one in Finding Nemo.

Population explosion: "History shows that the rate of innovation keeps pace with the population growth.  More people, more minds, ideas and inventions, more opportunity to create change.  Will population be our undoing or our inspiration?"

Flashback: This reminds me of when I was in gr. 10 and went a band and choir field trip to Vancouver.  We went to Vancouver Science Centre.  They had that population explosion thing too. 

This also reminds me of gr. 11 when I was in Social Studies class and watched The People Explosion.  I want to say that we should not be having kids.

Discovery Gallery: It was more of a little kids section for kids as young as 3 yrs old.

Space Place: There are lots about planets and astronauts.  This East Indian guy who worked there asked: "Which planet weighs more?  Saturn or Earth?"

Tracy: Saturn.  No wait, Earth, because Saturn is a gas giant.
Guy: Yeah.  Saturn could float on Earth's water.

He then showed me this computer game that's really challenging.  You have $6 billion to hire a crew, a space ship, and gather things from this planet.  He told me a 10 yr old almost won it.  Most people never finished the game.

There were lots of mind games and puzzles to solve.  It's to be educating and entertaining.

After all the exhibits, we went to the gift shop.  There were lots of stuffed animals of dinosaurs and science toys.

My opinion: Overall, I thought it was average.  The last time I was at Telus was when I was in gr. 7 and it was a school field trip.  We went and saw an animal documentary there.

An adult ticket costs $27.95.  The human body/ biology, and all the other exhibits weren't really interesting to me.  Probably because I'm not good at or like science.  The human body has all these trivia.  When I was talking about the planets with that guy, he was telling more trivia.  I felt like it wasn't really important and/ or I can use it.

I'm sure some of you guys are like: "But c'mon it's fun.  It is kind of educational."  I feel like I was too old for it.  I'm all about important information that I can apply like those job articles on how to be more productive and job interviews.  It's good to do something different like go to the Science Centre.  I do like being able to touch everything there and interact.

I was here for about 1 hr and 15 min.  I'm sure there are some of you who would stay longer.  Yeah, well I won free tickets.  If I paid that much, I would probably stay longer.  I did write everything I saw and did there and type it up here. 

If I was at K-days, I would be there for hours.  Last time I was there was in 2014 and I was there from 12pm-8pm.  I paid $16 to get in.  I need to see everything.

Jul. 11, 2016: I saw the Elementary pilot when it first came out.  I wrote about it on my blog.  I saw the pilot and never watched it again.  After the exhibit, I don't want to watch it.  I didn't really connect with the characters.  I may watch the new movies with Robert Downey Jr. 

Complaints: I'm going to add another complaint about Bravo TV.  I had complained I got a free preview for Bravo on Telus on my preview channel 4.  Then it changed to OWN.  I had recorded a few shows that I was going to watch and then was unable to.

Then I was going through my TV channels, and found out that I did get Bravo.  I had missed the season 7 premiere of Pretty Little Liars and then I recorded the 2nd episode to watch (and watched it.)

I see that Animal Kingdom was on, but it was onto their 4th episode.  I am very specific about wanting to watch the pilot first.  It's very rare that I watch the middle of a TV series unless it's a crime drama like CSI: NY.  You can go and watch any episode and it doesn't follow a whole season long arc.  I decided to not record it or watch it.

There was the 2nd episode of Guilty that was airing after PLL.  I saw the first few min. of it.  I have to watch the pilot first so I didn't record the 2nd episode of that.

Amanda Knox: Also it kind of reminded me of Amanda Knox, even though the writers may have thought of the idea before the case happened.  I was watching 20/20 about Knox and they talked to her parents and sister when Knox was accused of murdering her room mate.  I would have to say after 20/20, Knox seemed to be not guilty.  I saw the episode in 2007.

According to Wikipedia, Knox is exonerated.

Jodi Arias: While I'm at it, I saw this on 20/20.  In this case, I think Arias did kill her boyfriend.  She seemed arrogant when she was talking to 20/20 by saying: "No jury would convict me."  She's in prison.  I had to look up when the episode aired, and it was in 2013.

Then a week after I watched PLL, I don't have access to Bravo anymore.  That was mildly annoying.  I thought I can watch these shows, and then I can't.  Then I can, and now I can't.

I'm always saying I'm trying to cut down on TV and only watch TV shows I love, or really like and am interested in.  I would usually watch like 7 shows regularly.  I usually watch 3 TV shows every week as it comes, and then record the others and so I can watch all one show with like 8 episodes.  I then watch one show's 8 episodes in a span of a week.

Containment TV show: I'm going to add this.  I was so excited about this show and woke up early to watch the new episodes I recorded the night before.  I did for the first 3 episodes.  Then I watched it after work.  Then I recorded it all and watched it here and there.  I may like this show more if I watched all the episodes in a week.

I had to go through my email drafts to find this, but this show got cancelled.  It was announced on May 12, 2016 due to low ratings.  They were going to air all the episodes and not renew it.  I don't know, maybe Netflix or another channel will pick it up.

Jul. 19, 2016: I was right that I would like this show if I watched all the episodes in a week.  I loved it.

The first and foremost reason was for the actor Chris Wood, who I first saw on The Vampire Diaries.   He plays a cop on this show and he's a very likable character.

The question is: What if Wood wasn't in it?  Would you still watch the show?

I would, but I wouldn't like it as much.

I wrote this on my May 13, 2016 draft:

Containment: I was on the internet last night and I found out about this.  I was a little sad, but then again they did say the show was a "limited series event."  There was a possibility that there would be a second season if the ratings were good.  Now it seems after 3 eps it proves the ratings weren't good.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

It should be noted that Containment was touted as a limited event series ahead of its launch. (Prior to that, though, executive producer Chris Ord told TVLine, “We’re looking at the first season as its own thing, but it’ll leave us room to go forward and do more.”)

Jul. 20, 2016 My favorite parts:

Funny: In the pilot Jake (Chris Wood) is talking to Lex on the phone:

Jake: Some guy just sneezed 4 feet from my face!

Sexy and romantic: In the episode "There's a crack in everything."  Jake is taking a shower and his love interest Katie is outside.  She is touching his back through the curtain.  He turns around and they touch hands.  He kisses her through the curtain.

Good acting: Katie may have been infected and she is showering.  Jake is sitting outside and crying.

There is another scene where Jake goes to the rooftop and needs to take a breath and cries a bit when Katie may be sick.

The parts where he's crying should be in his demo reel.  I looked it up on YouTube, but there's no demo reel.

I wrote the above this morning.  Now it's at night and I found this through Facebook.  Now I may have to watch Supergirl for him.  But I don't know if I will like it.  We'll see his character and role he has in the show.

I wrote about this show before, and how I wasn't really interested in it:

"Wood, meanwhile, recently landed a recurring role in the second season of PBS’ Civil War drama Mercy Street. He’ll play Lance Van Der Berg, a handsome Union captain lodging at the Green home, where he strikes up a budding romance with AnnaSophia Robb’s Alice."

I probably won't watch Mercy Street because I don't like historical drama.

May 13, 2016 TV show cancellations:

Second Chance: This show got cancelled by Fox.  I kind of knew it had a pretty low chance it would get a second season.  It came out on a Wed. and then it was moved to Fri. nights.  When Fox moves shows to Fri., then it's usually mean not good ratings.

Well I liked it and I got to watch a whole season.

Robert Kazinsky

Those of you who tuned in to watch we were privileged to perform for you.

Jul. 21, 2016: It's the third week of Jul. and I have been seeing promos of returning shows and new shows coming this fall.  I have been writing about old shows I haven't written about yet to mitigate my excitement.

Jul. 23, 2016 Day off: Today is my 2nd day off this month.  I usually get 1 day off a month.  I woke up early around 6:30 am as usual.  This time I read my newspaper outside on my lawn chair in the backyard.  It's kind of cloudy today.  I like reading in the afternoon when it's warm with sunshine.

I also switched activities by writing about TV shows for one of my other emails.  I love watching TV and writing about these shows.  Only if the show is good.

This is kind of my new project.  I have put up job articles and book reviews into my blog/ emails and gave those articles to my friend S.  Now I'm writing about TV shows and recycling my old scrap paper that I wrote on it.

I watched a Zoo ep today.


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